Want to be a part of a fun, supportive, opportunity-filled stream team? Then look no further. Whether you are an experienced streamer or just beginning, we are looking for engaging individuals focused on technical quality and entertaining or informative content to join our team.


  1. This program is currently open to Twitch streamers only. We will try to expand to Facebook and other platforms in the future.
  2. Streamers must be streaming through a PC and using a program such as OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS. You don’t have to be playing PC games, you can still be playing console games as long as the gameplay is going through a capture card or remote play and streaming out from a computer.
  3. The team is open to streamers that produce any type of content. You do not specifically have to be a game streamer.
  4. You must be 18 years or older in age.
  5. You must be fluent or native in the English language.

Responsibilities & Expectations

  1. Stream directly on the agreed-upon stream channel for a minimum of one (1) day a week for two (2) consecutive hours.
  2. Participate in online Team meetings approximately one day a month for a minimum of one (1) hour. Be flexible if the quantity or length of duration of these meetings changes. Meetings might become more frequent around special events.
  3. Publicly promote H.A.G Entertainment, our events/activities, and our sponsors on your own social media channels. Ability to answer questions pertaining to H.A.G Entertainment or sponsors or provide information about H.A.G Entertainment or sponsors to users who ask.
  4. Publicly disclose your relationship to H.A.G Entertainment and involvement with the team where appropriate or requested.
  5. Follow ours and/or our sponsor’s promotion guidance including what hashtags to use, accounts to tag, approved images/videos/graphics, etc.
  6. Utilize assets as provided by the team manager when and where requested. For example: overlays, video ads, text ads, etc.
  7. Produce content in adherence to our quality standards.
  8. Adhere to any code of conduct criteria put forth by us or streaming platforms.
  9. Engage with us and our community across various platforms including but not limited to Facebook (page and group), Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and Discord. Examples of engagement include, but are not limited to: following/joining/subscribing, liking/upvoting/reacting, sharing/reposting/retweeting, and commenting on our content and those of the community members as well as creating your own content that engages the community on these platforms. Adhere to any engagement requirements set forth by the team manager.
  10. Participate in at least one (1) community event or collaborative stream activity per quarter. Adhere to any participation requirements set forth by the team manager.
  11. Adhere to any verbal or written Non-Disclosure Agreements set forth by us or our sponsors.
  12. Attend (actively engage or lurk) the H.A.G Entertainment stream and those of your fellow team members on their own channels as often as possible.
  13. Add the H.A.G Entertainment stream and those of your fellow team members to your auto host list.

Benefits & Compensation

  1. Percentage of revenue generated by tips/donations and bits/stars during the Broadcast based on Tenure.
  2. One-time discount of 20% off H.A.G merchandise.
  3. Ongoing discount off H.A.G merchandise based on Tenure.
  4. Referral/affiliate code for H.A.G merchandise based on Tenure.
  5. Free entry for Streamer and up to one guest to any H.A.G-hosted in-person events.
  6. Social media engagement and promotion of the Streamer by H.A.G Entertainment.
  7. Streamer featured on our website and other applicable platforms.
  8. Access to stream mentorship and troubleshooting.
  9. First opportunity to participate in/host H.A.G-run special events before we turn to outside sources.

Application Form

Make sure to include the # and numbers at the end
Please describe the type of content you generally stream. For example, if you are a game streamer, what games and game genres you typically play? If an IRL streamer, what sort of content do you produce?
Please describe your streaming schedule. This will help us to get a representative to your channel to check you out.
This will help us to get a representative to your channel to check you out. Please select time in CST.