H.A.G Entertainment took four years to become what it is today. Growing this project really taught us valuable lessons about time, commitment, passion, and the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals.

H.A.G Ent. first started as an online course for individuals that wanted to learn how to play Call of Duty at a professional level. One of our primary goals has always been to serve the gaming community, a hobby which we actively partake in and have a passion for. After countless hard efforts applied, money spent and all resources used, we came to the conclusion that we did not have enough time, tools or support needed to continue that project.

As time went on, we took a break to reflect upon what we are most passionate about. During this time, we created a movement on Facebook gathering like-minded individuals who shared our passion for not only gaming, but anime and hip-hop culture as well. Not noticing what we did and at the brink of giving up, wonderful people from all over the world from students, entrepreneurs, music professionals, anime developers, gamers, cosplayers, content creators/streamers, bloggers, and even athletes reached out to us to telling us how much they enjoy this movement and the opportunities this opens up.

With incredible support and passion from our community and a constantly expanding member base and outreach, we were able to host events all across the U.S. being recognized on many social media platforms as bringing this unique niche of interests together in an inclusive community. We couldn’t have asked for a better community and we thank you all for believing in us.

We hope to gain enough social media presence to help entrepreneurs, such as ourselves, to reach goals and bring to light the opportunities that will open up if you never give up and believe in yourself.